Train your child to wash hands after toilet use!

Anku Bhardwaj, a mommy of a three year old, shares her thoughts with Hapee Commode on hand-washing as part of the guest blog series for International World Toilet Day

I care about sanitation because it helps me and my family to stay fit and prevent many diseases. Being a mother, I am concerned about my three year old’s health, and one of the basic things I can teach her at this age is to wash hands especially after using the toilet, after her playtime, and before she sits down to eat. Hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of many diseases — from the common cold to other serious infections.


A song I found for parents to sing while helping their kids wash hands:

Washing hands can be Fun, Fun, Fun

Germs on the Run, Run, Run

Power’em out—Pow

Power’em out–Ka-zow!

Germs On The Run, Run, Run

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