O Toilet! My Toilet!

IMG-20150310-WA0005 (2)World Toilet Day Guest Post Series: by Rachel Joyce Laitflang

(A Tribute to A Dying Friend)

O Toilet! My Toilet!

Through tears I gaze on thee.

Misused, disused, abused, unused,

A smelly melody.

The splashing! The flushing!

Such music to the ears!

To know that water flowed abundant,

Washed away our fears.

But now, ‘tis sad

To see you all alone.

Because the popularity

Of trees and walls has grown.

Transformers, street corners,

                Are rivals to your fame.                 

But is it Parents, Children, Teachers?

Who can we really blame?

O Toilet! My Toilet!

Your days are very few.

But when the call of nature comes,

I’ll always turn to you.

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